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Idiots you come across in game

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So here is a battle, on right my results, good WN8 and EFF so i must have done ok, then i get contacted by this guy, Leetuwens, 37 battles, pure reroll and calls me a chicken cause i finished 2nd, he then went on to tell me he only started to play the game. And people wonder why this game is full of pathetic idiots, now i am an average player, i know that but its idiots like this that ruin this game, remember his name, love to know his original accounts name, you will see this scumbag in game, please feel free to remind him how pathetic he is.



Meh this game is free to play, one of its great perks, but also its free for all. Now this guy is clearly a n00b. He got some premium tanks and just started to pley the game, obviously.

I get these pm's a lot :-)



can I put merc in this section and dio of course both p;ut me of when p;laying always after my car lol



you can keep that damn hyundai coupe , i dont have a crane at hand to get me in and out... :)


You are here » Cry Havoc » Clan Section » Idiots you come across in game